About Glam Nails

Glam Nails is a Maltese Nail Salon, which provides excellent nail care services. It was originally founded over 8 years ago by one of the leading nail technicians in Malta, Kizzy Attard Portughes, making it one of the first nails only salons in the island and is still operating successfully to this day. In 2007 there was a change in ownership and the current owner of Glam Nails is Gayle Frantz. 

The business is aimed at women of ages ranging from 16 upwards who are looking to improve their looks and feel better about themselves. Glam Nails provides services in nail extensions, manicures, pedicures and more nails related treatments. Have a look at some of our work in our nail extensions gallery .

Here at Glam Nails we take pride in what we do and making people happy is what gives us great satisfaction. Clients not only enjoy our quality service, but even the presence of being around the staff that take pride in customer care. It is what makes us one of the leading companies in our sector. Most of our advertising is done by our customers themselves, proving our superior service. We are also constantly researching the latest international nail fashion trends and we take pride of introducing them to our clients.

Meet Gayle Frantz

Gayle Frantz

Hi, I am Gayle Frantz and I have a deep passion for nails. I am the proud owner of Glam Nails salon and I love to make clients feel good about themselves with the services I provide.